UPA 11th edition (new! as of Jan 25th 2007, adobe required)

Simplifed changes from 10th to 11th ed here

Detailed changes from 10th to 11th ed here

GUPA Indoor Rules
1. 11th edition UPA rules will apply except for the following amendments. Remember, Spirit of the Game! Because of the confined space of indoor ultimate, please take extra precautions to avoid contact in every possible way.
2. Teams must have at leas 2 men and 2 women on the field at all times. Becuase of the gender ratio (typically 8:4) on each roster; games are typically played 4:2. Any difference should be discussed between captains at the beginning of each game.
3. Stall counts are to 8 not 10
4. 90 second halftime at the scheduled midpoint of the game (on the Hour).
5. Teams switch sides at half.
6. Teams may elect to not have a half. The end of a game is determined by time, not by the score. Games can end even if the score is tied. There will be a time clock to incidate the start time of each game.At 25 minutes after the hour, both
sidelines will acknowledge the time and announce ‘Last Possession’, play continues until either a turnover or a score, at which point game ends
As a courtesy for teams that play after you, please leave the field promptly.

7. There is no pull after a point. When a team scores, the recieving player acknowledges that he/she has scored a goal and the disc is immediately placed on the ground. The offensive team has 8 seconds to take possession of the disc and cannot walk the disc up to the front of the goal line. The offense must put it into play from where it was placed by the scoring team.
8. If, after 8 seconds the team on offense has not picked up the disc, the defense may issue a “delay of game” warning and beging counting down from 8 and then begin the regular stall count. when the offensive team takes possision of the disc, the defensive team amy initiate a stall count on 0 (as in every other situation, the player on defense must be withing 3 meteres to initiate a stall count).
9 Each team is allowed one timeout per game.
10. Timeouts cannot be called in the last 5 minutes of the game.
11. Players substitute on the fly. There will be a designated “substitution” area for each team at the midline of the field. Every player entering the field must “high five” or “tag” the outgoing player before entering the field. This obviously does not apply during injury substitions. On the fly substitutions make it difficult to change the gender ratio without temporary mismatches; in these cases (which captains should discuss before the game), teams should do their best ot make a matching substitution as soon as reasonably possible.
12. When the disc hits an object (wall, celing, player on the sideline) it is out of bounds. A turnover results and the play starts on thh playing field proper , closest to the point where the disc went out of bounds.
13. If a disc is thrown or rolls out the back or side of the endzone or when the disc remains in the end zone after a turnover, it is to be put into play at the front of the end zone, straight ahead of where it left the end zone.
14. At the beginning of a game (and the secund half should there be one), both teams line up at the back of the end zone for the initial pull.
15. If the pull lands out of bounds, it may be played at either: (a) the point on the sideline where it crossed or (b) the receiving team may call middle, in which case, it is put into play in the middle of the field, but no further thant the front of the end zone.
16. There is a lateness penalty. A team that is NOT ready to plya 5 mintues after the schedules tart time may be assessed a penalty of one point per minute until 15 points, at which time the game is forfeited. The penalty may be enforced at the discretion of the team that is ready to play.
17. Each team is given two points for a win, one for a tie and negative one for a default.
18. Both captains must report game score and spirit score each week using the
scores e-mail address.
19. To foster a fun competitive league, cheers are encouraged after a game. Remember SOTG (spirit of the game)!
20. There will be no footblocks allowed.Lightning Guidelines:

GUPA Lightning Guidelines (adopted from the UPA)


Soft (point) cap:  Soft cap for GUPA games are 15 points.  First team that reaches 15 wins.

:  (During regulation time) In a game to 15, overtime occurs when the score reaches 14-14. The minimum winning score is then set at 16. If the score ties again, you should keep playing until one team wins by 2 or until time cap is reached.  If time cap is reached, then invoke time cap rules.

Soft Time Cap
: For games that start at 6:30/8:30 pm the soft time cap is 8:10/9:50 pm.  At 8:10/9:50 pm add one point to the team that has the higher score and play to that.  If the score is tied at the time cap, add 2 and play to that.

Hard Time Cap: For games that start at 6:30/8:30 pm the hard time cap is 8:20/10:00 pm.  At 8:20/10:00 pm the game is over– finish the point, if tied play one more point only.

Foot Blocks:

Foot blocks are NOT allowed in GUPA league games unless agreed to by the captains prior to the start of the game.

Time Outs:

Each team is entitled to one time out per half plus one floater to be used anytime during the game.  Time outs cannot be called during soft time cap, doing so would result in a turnover.

If you have any questions please post on the rules forum.

Any person playing in a GUPA sanctioned league game must have signed a waiver and paid the yearly player membership fee.  Captains are responsible for ensuring that this requirement is met by all players on the field.

Ultimate Skills & Plays:

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