Summer Pick-Up Ultimate


Hey Everyone!

GUPA is excited & happy to announce that pick-up ultimate games are back for the summer!

If you want to play ultimate after a long week at work & before you head out on Friday night, or if you’re sitting around Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, there will be a free pick-up game for you.

Show up around the start time & see who else does too.  Get some warm ups in, stretch & throw.  When enough people have arrived, form into teams, one in white, one in black and start.  Don’t keep score & have fun!  Play as long as you want.

Games will be Friday nights starting at 6:30 PM & Sunday afternoons starting at 2:00 PM at the only dedicated Ultimate fields in Guelph – the Old Ontario Reformatory on York Road (Near Victoria) on YRF 2 (see link below),-80.248947&spn=0.128356,0.307274&t=h&z=12/

Please bring a white and black shirt, your disc, cleats, water, and cones if you have any.

Keep in mind that games will not be guaranteed.  It will take each of you to get others to come out to play.  All skill levels are welcome.  It might take a while for this to catch on, as there hasn’t been free ultimate in Guelph for a few years, so please be patient & keep coming out.  Tell your friends, remind them often, & make plans to play!  Hopefully we can play 7’s, but even a game of 5’s would be great to see.

Games will be on rain or shine, however, please use good judgement in lightening.


You are encouraged to bike as parking is limited.  There is parking available on York Road (watch for signs).  Carpool if possible.


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