Reason for the recent survey sent out


The executives are polling the membership about making an adjustment to our bylaws. We want to adjust the bylaw to be able have from 4 directors to a maximum of 15 directors. Over the last 6 years, we have grown our portfolios and league, requiring much of our volunteers to hold the burden of planning and enhancing those portfolios and services. That is not fair, or reasonable to expect the volunteer to hold all that burden without having a say in the extent of the execution of the league.
We have had some great volunteers, but as a volunteer limited responsibility should be assigned. We are not looking at maximizing the board to 15 immediately, but we are looking at future proofing the bylaws once (Instead of continuously performing unnecessary paperwork to amend the bylaws over the next 5-10 years.) We want to increase by 1 position to support the growth of the Junior program, and have that individual recognized.

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