Jeremy Hodge has been a part of GUPA for a few years now, and for the last couple of years, he has been absolutely crucial in helping with the backend website stuff.  He keeps everything running, and running well.

Here is the result of the grilling we gave him recently:

1.  When did you start playing ultimate?  I started playing Ultimate in 2005, my first season with GUPA was in 2007 with Pulp Fliction, and then I started captaining Discs of Fury in 2008.

2.  What is it about GUPA that makes you want to join in as a volunteer?  I really wanted to join GUPA because of the ‘for players by players’ mindset and spirit.  I also really wanted to step up my game and play 7’s.

4.  One type of throw you want to improve?  I want to improve my flick still.  It sucks 50% of the time in game situations.

3.  What was your proudest moment while playing ultimate?  It was probably the first game discs of Fury broke the 10 points barrier.  It was a struggle for a couple seasons.

**Note.  Volunteers of the Season are lavished with our latest and greatest GUPA Merch.


It’s the grassroots nature of GUPA that makes it stand out in Guelph, and it’s the members and players of GUPA that make it awesome.  On that note, we need your help!

Current stuff we need help with:

  1. Hat Tourney – August 27th – We could use help with the nitty gritty with this, our second biggest event of the year.  Set-up/tear-down.  Food, Merch, water…etc
  2. Promotions –  Is photography a hobby?  We can never have enough action shots on the field.
  3. Graphic design.
  4. Contacts in and around the Guelph Media scene
  5. Merchandise – We could use volunteers willing to man the merch tent at events we’ll be going to this year.  If you can count, and love GUPA, get in touch with us.

If you can help with any of this, or have a skill/talent that you think would benefit making GUPA even more awesome than it already is, please email info@guelphultimate.ca

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